Animal Experimentation: Cruelty or Science?
Nancy Day

Apprentice to Genius: The Making of a Scientific Dynasty
Robert Kanigel

Bad Science
Gary Taubes

Bitten by the Biology Bug
Maura C. Flannery

Blueprints: Solving the Mystery of Evolution
Maitland A. Edey and Donald C. Johanson

The Common Sense of Science
Jacob Bronowski

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Martin Gardner (Ed.)

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I Want to be a Mathematician: An Automathography
Paul R. Halmos

Late Night Thoughts on Listening to Mahler's Ninth Symphony
Lewis Thomas

Mayonnaise and the Origin of Life: Thoughts of Minds and Molecules
Harold J. Morowitz

A Physicist on Madison Avenue
Tony Rothman

Radioactivity: From the Curies to the Atomic Age
Tom McGowen

Rats, Lice and History
Hans Zinsser

The Science Gap: Dispelling the Myths and Understanding the Reality of Science
Milton A. Rothman

The Scientific Attitude, 2nd ed.
Frederick Grinnell

The Search for Solutions
Horace Freeland Judson

Signs of Life
Robert Pollack

To Know a Fly
Vincent Gaston Dethier

The Virgin and the Mousetrap: Essays in Search of the Soul of Science
Chet Raymo

The World of Mathematics
James R. Newman