Search for Solutions

The Search for Solutions
by Horace Freeland Judson

Holt, Rinehart & Winston
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What manner of men are scientists and what is it that they do? Judson answers these questions for an amazing variety of subjects. Enriching the text are conversations with great discoverers: George Alcock, Glen Seaborg, Jocelyn Burnell, Lawrence Klein, and others. An excellent book about the nature of scientific inquiry. Highly recommended.

--Reviewed by W. P. Coombs in Library Journal, 105 (May 1 1980), p. 1092. (From Book Review Digest 1980).

In this handsomely presented book, Mr. Judson takes a sort of whirlwind tour through the sciences and their methods. The result is interesting if erratic. Mr. Judson takes his examples from all disciplines but seems more at home with biologists than with their more abstract brethren in physics and mathematics. The great virtue of his book is that it will give its readers a taste for the subject, and maybe an inclination to dig deeper.

--New Yorker, 56 (May 19 1980), p. 163. (From Book Review Digest 1980).