Bad Science

Bad Science
by Gary Taubes

Random House Inc.
Reviewed in Choice, 31 (December 1993), p. 626.


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The story of cold fusion has already been told from a scientist's point of view by Frank Close (Too Hot to Handle). But Mr. Taubes...writes as an outsider looking in on the weird and wacky world of science, providing a racy narrative while sticking scrupulously to the facts. Mr. Taubes's obsession with the facts verges on overkill. He tells us that he interviewed more than 260 people in preparing the book and admits that his editors insisted on cutting back the original version by a third. As it is now, the a blow-by-blow--almost day-by-day--account of the cold-fusion story. Perhaps it would have benefited from even more pruning. But then again, Mr. Taubes got to keep many delicious footnotes that cast intriguing sidelights on the story and that sometimes provoke outright laughter. [This] is one of the best journalistic science books around.

--Reviewed by John Gribbin in The New York Times Book Review, (August 8 1993) p. 9.