To Know a Fly

To Know a Fly
by Vincent Gaston Dethier

(illus. by Bill Clark and Vincent Dethier)
Holden-Day, Inc.


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This little book at once takes its place as a minor classic, somewhere between George Gamow's Mr. Tompkins in Wonderland and Jean Henri Fabre's immortal accounts of the lives of insects. However, the strong breeze of wit and rationality that blows through these pages makes dear old Fabre appear verbose and sentimental....The reader will find here not only a robust humor lacking in the more ponderous writing of the past but also a far greater critical acumen and a more penetrating imagination...The chapter headings are excerpts from Don Marquis, Lewis Carroll, and Edward Lear. These are amusing but often not very informative.

--Reviewed by Gairdner Moment in Science, 140 (June 21 1963), p. 1302. (From Book Review Digest 1964).