Project 2061 Tools,
Overview of Available Tools


By this point in a workshop, we hope participants will be convinced of both the need and the possibility for meaningful reform in science, mathematics, and technology education. The next task is to describe Project 2061’s strategy and tools for reform.

Your workshop should include at least one option from this section. These options provide opportunities for participants to find out more about Project 2061’s role in science education reform over the past decade, its commitment to systemic change, and the rationale for the development of its tools for education reform. Depending on participants’ needs and the time available, options can be combined for a longer background presentation.

Option A: Overview of Project 2061 Tools

Option B: Charting Pathways to Reform

Option C: Project 2061 Reform Principles, Strategy, and Tools

Option D: Features of Science for All Americans and Benchmarks for Science Literacy

Option E: Identifying Benchmarks Strands

Option F: Using Benchmarks on Disk

Option G: Features of Resources for Science Literacy: Professional Development

Option H: Comparison of Benchmarks and National Science Education Standards

Option I: Comparison of Benchmarks and Curriculum and Evaluation Standards for School Mathematics

Option J: Comparison of Benchmarks and Curriculum Standards for Social Studies