Atom: Journey Across the Subatomic Cosmos
Isaac Asimov

Beginnings: The Story of Origins--of Mankind, Life, the Earth, the Universe
Isaac Asimov

An Equation That Changed the World: Newton, Einstein, and the Theory of Relativity
Harald Fritzsch and translated by Karin Heusch

From Stone to Star: A View of Modern Geology
Claude Allegre and translated by Deborah Kurmes Van Dam

Isaac Asimov's Guide to Earth and Space
Isaac Asimov

Knowledge and Wonder--The Natural World as Man Knows It
Victor F. Weisskopf

Lonely Hearts of the Cosmos: The Story of the Scientific Quest for the Secret of the Universe
Dennis Overbye

Nuclear Choices: A Citizen's Guide to Nuclear Technology
Richard Wolfson

A Physicist on Madison Avenue
Tony Rothman

Physics for Poets
Robert H. March

Physics: From Newton to the Big Bang
Albert and Eve Stwertka

Planet Earth
Jonathan Weiner

Powers of Ten: A Book about the Relative Size of Things in the Universe and the Effect of Adding Another Zero
Philip and Phylis Morrison and the office of Charles and Ray Eames

Recent Revolutions in Mathematics
Albert Stwertka

The Refrigerator and the Universe: Understanding the Laws of Energy
Martin Goldstein and Inge F. Goldstein

Seven Ideas That Shook the Universe
Nathan Spielberg and Bryon D. Anderson

Stephen Hawking's Universe
John Boslough

Fred Bortz