Nuclear Choices: A Citizen's Guide to Nuclear Technology

Nuclear Choices: A Citizen's Guide to Nuclear Technology
by Richard Wolfson

(Illus.; from the New Liberal Arts series)
The MIT Press
C, T, GA *


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This book is part of the New Liberal Arts series sponsored by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. Intended for a nonscience audience--both students and professionals or lay persons--the book is divided into three parts. The first part describes how nuclear energy is produced, the various types of nuclear radiation, and their effects on humans and materials. The second part deals with electrical power production using nuclear reactions as a source of energy and describes various types of nuclear reactors and their associated safety problems. The last part deals with nuclear weapons and nuclear wars. The book is well written and should prepare readers for making informed decisions on the uses of nuclear energy (both peaceful and hostile). It is recommended as a text for the undergraduate, as well as teaching professionals and others who wish to be informed about nuclear-related issues.

--Reviewed by Jag J. Singh in Science Books and Films, 27/6 (August/September 1991), p. 165.