Knowledge and Wonder--The Natural World as Man Knows It

Knowledge and Wonder--The Natural World as Man Knows It
by Victor F. Weisskopf

(Illus. by R. Paul Larkin)
1962, 1979


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--Reviewed by R. C. Cowen in Christian Science Monitor, (February 2 1963), p. 9. (From Book Review Digest 1963).
Regrettably, [the author] encompasses the entire field of science, and a reader with only a modest background in elementary science would find it too involved. He is successful in explaining chemistry and evolution, but the chapters titled "Our Place in Space," "Our Place in Time," and "Forces of Nature" are not so successful. As supplementary reading in an elementary course, or as a text for more advanced students with a sound background in science, this book is a valuable contribution. For academic and public libraries.

--Reviewed by M. B. Wenger in Library Journal, 87:3461 (October 1 1962). (From Book Review Digest 1963).

A vast expanse of man's recent achievements is briefly scanned here, but the concepts are so clearly stated and so logically tied together that even the reader who is fully enlightened in these fields will enjoy the perspective and integration which the author achieves.

--Reviewed by Mark Graubard in Science, 140:626 (May 10 1963). (From Book Review Digest 1963).
--Scientific American, 208:190 (April 1963). (From Book Review Digest 1963).