Chapter 3: Handouts

Apparatus for Controlling Water Level

Benchmarks for Lesson Plan: Cell Comparisons (6-8)

Benchmarks for Lesson Plan: Control Mechanisms (9-12)

Benchmarks for Lesson Plan: Exploring Parts and Wholes (K-2)

Benchmarks for Lesson Plan: How One Part Relates to Others (3-5)

Benchmarks for Lesson Plan: Introduction to Risk Analysis (9-12)

Benchmarks for Lesson Plan: Invisible Life (3-5)

Benchmarks for Lesson Plan: Seeing the Cell as a System (9-12)

Benchmarks for Science Literacy: A Tool for Curriculum Reform

Benchmarks for Science Literacy on Disk

Benchmarks from 4C Processes that Shape the Earth

Benchmarks from 5E Flow of Matter and Energy

Benchmarks Table of Contents

Bicycle as a System, The

Blueprints for Reform

CELLS Through the Lens of Benchmarks

Choosing Nuclear Power Planets for the Planet Krypton

Content Match Questions

Dancing Puppet Diagram

Destroying Chemical Warfare Agents in Russia

Do Soldiers Live Longer?

Effects of Exposure to Certain Agents, The

Exploring Project 2061 Tools (general)

Exploring Project 2061 Tools: River Cutters

Familiarity with Project 2061 Tools

Feedback Control System Diagram

How a Thermostat Works

How to Design a K-12 Benchmarks Strand

Instructional Scenarios for Benchmark 1A Scientific World View (3-5)#1

Instructional Scenarios for Benchmark 3C Issues in Technology (3-5)#5

Instructional Scenarios for Benchmark 4B The Earth (K-2)#3

Instructional Scenarios for Benchmark 5E Flow of Matter (6-8)#1

Instructional Scenarios for Benchmark 11B Models and Their Uses (6-8)#3

Laboratory Report Sheets (1-3)

Lesson Plan: Cell Comparisons (8)

Lesson Plan: Control Mechanisms (9-12)

Lesson Plan: Exploring Parts and Wholes (K-2)

Lesson Plan: How One Part Relates to Others (3-5)

Lesson Plan: Introduction to Risk Analysis (9-12)

Lesson Plan: Invisible Life (3-5)

Lesson Plan: Seeing the Cell as a System (9-12)

Modeling a Mechanism for Controlling Water


Pathways to Reform Questionnaire

Pedagogical Match Questions: Analysis of Instruction

Pedagogical Match Questions: Curriculum Analysis

Project 2061 Benchmarks Critique

Project 2061’s Vision of Reform

Project 2061 Workshop Evaluation Form

Project 2061 Workshop Response Form

Puppet Pieces

Questions About Parts of a Celery Stalk

Questions About Parts of a Leaf

Questions About Parts of a Toy

Questions to Ask About Systems

Resources for Science Literacy: A New Curriculum Design Tool

Science Literacy for a Changing Future

Steps in Designing Instruction

Steps in Resource Analysis: River Cutters

Steps in Resource Analysis: Science Place

Storage of Radioactive Waste

Strand Map: Cells As Systems (8 1/2 x 11)

Strand Map: Considering Costs and Benefits of Technology

Strand Map: Feedback and Control in Technological Systems

Strand Map: Flow of Matter in Ecosystems

Strand Map: Physical and Conceptual Models and Their Uses

Strand Map: Understandability of the World

Strand Map: Water Cycle