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AAAS Project 2061, Michigan State University, Northwestern University, University of Michigan

CCMS Students and Fellows

THIS JUST IN!  Northwestern University CCMS alumus, Lisa Kenyon, wins one of the President’s Awards for Faculty Excellence and Recognition of the new University Professors and Distinguished Professors

Meet the CCMS Fellows and Students!
Our Center graduate students and postdoctoral fellows are a diverse group of scholars. They come from all over the United States and from other countries and bring to the Center their unique perspectives and expertise gained from different areas of work and study. To learn more about each individual—including biographical information, research interests, and contact information—simply click on a name below. To see dissertation abstracts of former CCMS graduate students, click here.

Postdoctoral Fellows


Cari Herrmann Abell


Andres Archer

Virginia Pitts

Jennifer Eklund

Graduate Students


Ming-Jun Bae

Hui Jin

David McLaughlin


Jonathan Boxerman

Brandy Buckingham

Heather Johnson

Mon-lin Ko

Melissa Luna

Kirsten Mawyer

Su Swarat

Nonye Alozie

Kathryn Drago

Mary Heitzman

Joi Merritt

Michele Nelson

Anna Switzer

Richard Vath

Molly Yunker



Deirdre Black

Hasan Abdel- Kareem

Beth Covitt

Mark Enfield

Rebecca Forthoffer

Dean Grosshandler

David Grueber

Kristin Gunckel

John Lockhart

Felicia Moore

Blakely Tsurusaki

Michelle Williams

Christopher Wilson

Ravit Golan Duncan

Kemi Jona

Lisa Kenyon

Leema Kuhn

Eleni Kyza

Eunmi Lee

Victor Lee

Rosemary Russ

Jennifer Schwarz

Pratim Sengupta

Darlene Slusher

Carrie Tzou

Carrie Beyer

Jay Fogleman

Cory Forbes

Magnia George

Christopher Harris

Lisa Scott Holt

Tsien-Ta Lin

Katherine McNeill

Jeff Nordine

Phil Piety

Julia Plummer

Aaron Rogat

Yael Schwartz

Julie Smithey

Shawn Stevens

Text: AAAS Project 2061, Michigan State University, Northwestern University, University of Michigan
Text: Center for Curriculum Materials in Science