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Middle Grades Mathematics Textbooks

A Benchmarks-Based Evaluation

Saxon Math 65, Math 76, and Math 87:
An Incremental Development

Authors: John Saxon and Stephen Hake
Publisher: Saxon Publishers, Inc.
Edition: 1997, 1995
Grade Level/ Format: This series is designed for grades 6, 7, and 8. The books are labeled Math 65, Math 76, and Math 87. Each book consists of more than 130 lessons. The teacher’s edition for these textbooks is identical to the student edition, with the addition of answers to exercises and general introductory statements at the beginning of each book.
Activities: In a typical lesson, students (1) complete a set of warm-up activities that include facts practice, mental math, and problem solving exercises not related to the topic(s) of the lesson, (2) read through a demonstration or description of the mathematics, (3) work through several practice exercises on the topic(s), and (4) work through a series of exercises reviewing mathematics previously taught.
Assessment: Assessment includes warm-ups and practice and review exercises for each lesson. Formal assessment includes facts practice tests and tests to be given after every five lessons.
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