Algebra Textbooks Evaluation


Interactive Mathematics Program (IMP)

Available Charts:   Typical Sightings
Summary of Instructional Analysis Ratings
Authors:   Dan Fendel, Diane Resek, Lynne Alper, Sherry
Publisher:   Key Curriculum Press
Edition:   1997-1999
Subject Area:   Integrated Mathematics
Grade Level/ Format:   This textbook series is designed for grades 9-12.
A textbook for each year consists of five units. The
textbooks are labeled as Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, and Year 4. Only Years 1, 2, and 3 were evaluated. Year 4 was not complete at the time of the analysis.
Activities:   A typical unit engages students in a central problem through class activities and homework. Class activities include examining new concepts, reviewing daily homework, and solving Problems of the Week (POWs) in which students describe their work on a problem and explain their reasoning in write-ups. Each unit contains a section of supplemental problems.
Assessment:   Assessments include in-class and take-home
assessments at the end of each unit. These assessments do not cover the concepts/skills of the entire unit. They allow students to demonstrate some of what they have learned. Some supplemental problems may be used as assessment items as well.
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