Project 2061
Algebra Textbooks
A Standards-Based Evaluation

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Applying the Results

The information presented in Algebra Textbooks: A Standards-Based Evaluation is intended to assist teachers, adoption committees, and others in making initial decisions about textbooks and narrowing the field to a more manageable number of candidates for closer review. For those already using one of the textbook series, the summary reports can also help point to overall strengths or weaknesses that might have implications for supplementing the material for some or all students, or for staff development needed to help teachers use the textbooks effectively.

Eight data sets are included for each of the 12 textbook series: (1) Background Information, (2) Content Analysis, (3) Instructional Analysis, (4) Instructional Ratings, (5) Graphs, (6) Rater Consistency, (7) Typical Sightings, and (8) Sightings by Idea Set. Once educators have narrowed their choices to three or four textbook series, the data sets can provide valuable information that will help narrow the field even more.

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