Evaluation Options

Participant evaluations will help you determine whether you achieved your workshop goals. They also will provide valuable feedback to shape Project 2061 workshop design and future reform tools. Evaluation forms may range from open-ended response sheets to detailed checklists and Likert scales. Be sure to allow ample time for participants to thoughtfully complete evaluation forms. You may wish to tell the group how useful you will find their evaluations as you plan other workshops.

Careful review of participants’ evaluations will help you perceive the strengths and weaknesses of your presentation and may give you good ideas for the next workshop you conduct. However, do not be surprised if you sometimes find contradictory responses or occasionally learn that a participant’s needs have not been met at all by your workshop.

Option A: Using the Project 2061 Workshop Evaluation Form

Option B: Using the Pathways to Reform Questionnaire

Option C: Using the Project 2061 Workshop Response Form

Option D: Using the Project 2061 Benchmarks Critique

Option E: Using Misconceptions

Option F: Poster Presentation—Lesson Design