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December 2010

This Just In...

Assessment Workshop Debuts in 2011

With its online collection of high-quality assessment items for middle school science nearly complete, Project 2061 has now developed a workshop to share its experience and resources with teachers, researchers, and assessment specialists. This new three-day professional development experience will introduce participants to Project 2061’s approach to science assessment and its criteria and procedures for developing effective items that are carefully aligned to science ideas. The workshop also focuses on helping participants make use of the items to diagnose students’ difficulties in learning particular ideas. The first assessment workshop will be held in Washington, DC, at AAAS Headquarters, March 16-18, 2011. Sign up to get an e-mail announcement for more details.

Nominate an Innovative High School Science Teacher


[PHOTOGRAPH]  Students in a science lab, with a scientist or teacher in the foreground

Calling all U.S. high school science department chairs and administrators: It’s time to nominate teachers for the 2011 AAAS Leadership in Science Education Prize for High School Teachers. The $1,000 prize honors a high school science teacher who has advanced science education by developing and implementing an effective strategy, activity, or program.  The winner will also receive a complimentary one-year institutional subscription to Science magazine and will be invited to attend and make a brief presentation at the annual Shanghai International Forum on Science Literacy of Pre-college Students as a guest of the Shanghai Association for Science and Technology.

Access prize details, nomination forms, and application forms. For more information, contact Barbara Goldstein. Deadline: 27 May 2011.

Science Without Borders: 2011 AAAS Annual Meeting, February 17-21, Washington, DC

Each year, the AAAS Annual Meeting brings together thousands of scientists, engineers, educators, and policymakers as well as national and international science writers and reporters to learn about the most current thinking and research findings in science, technology, and policy.

Of special interest to educators, this year's theme - Science Without Borders - integrates the practice of science teaching and research that uses multidisciplinary approaches to solve problems, crosses conventional borders, and takes into account the diversity of investigators and students to highlight science and teaching. The program will feature sessions with strong scientific content across many fields.  Advance registration is available until Thursday, 27 January 2011, at http://www.aaas.org/meetings/registration/.    

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