2061 Connections
An electronic newsletter for the science education community

December 2010

In this issue

I. Getting the Most Out of NSDL Science Literacy Maps
With a new grant from the National Science Foundation, Project 2061 will offer face-to-face and online support for using digitized versions of the progression-of-understanding maps published in the Atlas of Science Literacy and available through the National Science Digital Library (NSDL) collections. Read more.

II. Reaching New Audiences
Over the past year, Project 2061 has been invited to share its work with new audiences through articles in print and online publications. Read more.

III. This Just In…
In this issue's announcements: Project 2061 debuts its new assessment workshop in 2011, nominations open for the 2011 AAAS Leadership in Science Education Prize for High School Teachers, and AAAS invites you to register for the 2011 Annual Meeting.

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