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March/April 2008

Japanese SFAA

Japanese Translation Opens Door to New Audience

Any global citizen fluent in Japanese can now read Science for All Americans for free online. Project 2061's landmark publication, first published in 1989, has been translated into Japanese and posted on the Project 2061 Web site. With Japanese ranking among the top ten most widely spoken languages in the world, the new translation brings Project 2061's vision of science literacy to a large new audience of scientists and educators.

Japanese science educators developed an interest in Project 2061's work during their "Research for Scientific Literacy" project, aimed at developing and promoting science literacy in Japan. Based on that research, the Science Council of Japan and other groups then organized a national project in 2005 called "Science for All Japanese." Impressed with the recommendations for adult science literacy presented in Science for All Americans, a committee of Japan's Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology oversaw the translation of Project 2061’s book. The translation will serve as a resource about U.S. science education research as Japan's work moves forward.

The "Science for All Japanese" project will promote science literacy

  • as a guide for the general Japanese public, the media, politicians, and others who require an understanding of science and technology;
  • as a foundation for the development of materials for science and technology education; and
  • as a driving force to promote public understanding of science and technology.

The project will also present a view of science literacy that considers the cultural sensibilities and interests of the Japanese people and conveys to Japanese citizens how scientific and technological issues are relevant to their lives.

Science for All Americans was produced by panels of scientists, mathematicians, and technologists whose goal was to identify the most important concepts in science, mathematics, and technology that every citizen should know. A major influence on science frameworks in many states, Science for All Americans continues to serve as the foundation for efforts to reform science education in the U.S. and abroad. Indeed, the Japanese version joins previous translations of the book into Chinese and Spanish (read the Spanish Ciencia: Conocimiento Para Todos on Project 2061's Web site). The influence of Science for All Americans on educators and policymakers has also grown through its companion publications, Benchmarks for Science Literacy and Atlas of Science Literacy.

Read Science for All Americans Online: Japanese | English | Spanish

Read the AAAS news coverage.

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