Project 2061 R&D Categories

  • Learning Goals
    Clear and specific learning goals are essential for all students. Benchmarks for Science Literacy are nationally recognized standards, published by Project 2061, which have been influencing state and local science, mathematics, and technology standards for many years.
  • Research on Teaching and Learning
    Teachers need assistance in improving their understanding of standards and benchmarks, and in considering the role of curriculum materials, instruction, and assessment in student learning. Project 2061 is engaged in a new effort to help them and is also working to help design new models for the preparation and induction of new K-12 science, mathematics, and technology teachers.
  • Testing and Assessment
    Aligning tests with specific learning goals is vital. With support from the NSF, Project 2061 is developing new strategies and tools for evaluating the alignment of K-12 assessments in science and mathematics with national and state standards and benchmarks.
  • Curriculum Materials
    Project 2061 is helping educators and developers identify and create instructional materials that would be useful for standards-based teaching and learning. Project 2061 has evaluated some of the most widely used middle- and high-school science and mathematics textbooks.
  • Family and Community
    A long-term systemic approach is required for science, mathematics, and technology education reform, and communities and families that are committed to excellence are an indispensable prerequisite for the success of that reform effort.