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Middle Grades Mathematics Textbooks

A Benchmarks-Based Evaluation

Heath Mathematics Connections

Authors: Edward Manfre, James M. Moser, Joanne E. Lobato, and Lorna Morrow. Contributing authors: B. Joan Goodman, Lee V. Stiff, and William F. Tate. Consulting authors: Karen G. Gartland, Janet G. Gillespie, Patsy F. Kanter, Michael A. Kasper, Iva McCants, Cynthia J. Pulver, Pamela M. Wallace, and Shirley Johnson Roberts.
Publisher: D.C. Heath and Company
Edition: 1996
Grade Level/ Format: This series is designed for grades 6, 7, and 8. The books are labeled Level 6, Level 7, and Level 8.
Activities: In a typical chapter, students engage in an opening discussion relevant to the mathematics in the chapter. In each lesson students (1) read a brief passage of real-life context for the mathematics, (2) develop understanding of mathematical ideas through examples and illustrations of mathematical procedures, and (3) work problems in guided practice, independent practice, and problem solving sections. In some lessons, students are engaged in cooperative learning activities, problem solving, estimation, and mental math. The teacher’s edition also provides teachers with ideas for exploratory and discovery lessons, chapter projects, games, alternative approaches, and extensions.
Assessment: Assessment includes warm-ups, guided and independent practice, reteach, practice, and enrichment worksheets, and a problem of the day for each lesson. Section reviews, chapter reviews, chapter tests and standardized format tests are used for formal assessment of chapters. Other tools for assessment include observation checklists and performance inventories and suggestions for math logs and portfolios.

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