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Middle Grades Mathematics Textbooks

A Benchmarks-Based Evaluation

Heath Passport

Authors: Roland E. Larson, Laurie Boswell, Timothy D. Kanold, and Lee Stiff
Publisher: McDougal Littell
Edition: 1996
Grade Level/ Format: This series is designed for grades 6, 7, and 8. The books are labeled Heath Passport to Mathematics: An Integrated Approach (Book 1 and Book 2) for grades 6 and 7 respectively, and Heath Passport to Algebra and Geometry: An Integrated Approach (Book 3) for grade 8.
Activities: In a typical chapter, students begin with an introduction to the chapter theme and objectives, work in small groups on hands-on investigations designed to extend mathematics, and work through a chapter project (in Books 1 and 2). In each lesson, students (1) read about lesson goals and why they are important, (2) read through a demonstration of the mathematics skills or procedures, and (3) work through guided and independent practice exercises, including review and extension exercises.
Assessment: Assessment includes a problem of the day, warm up exercises, and practice and reteaching worksheets for each lesson. Formal assessments include quizzes, mid-chapter tests, and chapter tests. Other tools for assessment include labs, projects, and partner quizzes, and suggestions for math logs and journals.
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