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Middle Grades Mathematics Textbooks

A Benchmarks-Based Evaluation

Middle School Math

Authors: Randall I. Charles, John A. Dossey, Steven J. Leinwand, Cathy L. Seeley, and Charles B. Vonder Embse
Publisher: ScottForesman-Addison Wesley
Edition: 1998
Grade Level/ Format: This series is designed for grades 6, 7, and 8. The books are labeled Course 1, Course 2, and Course 3. This series may be used in conjunction with Connected Mathematics (Dale Seymour Publications).
Activities: In a typical chapter, students are introduced to the key math ideas in the chapter, examine information about real-world application of the mathematics, and work through a chapter project in which they apply the mathematics learned in the chapter. Each chapter also includes problem solving activities, technology applications, and algebra connections. In each lesson, students (1) read a statement of the lesson objective, its application to real life, and related prior knowledge, (2) work through an activity designed to set the stage for the lesson, (3) read through a demonstration of the mathematics skills or procedures, and (4) work through guided and independent practice exercises.
Assessment: Assessment includes review exercises, guided and independent practice, quick quizzes, and practice, reteaching, problem solving, and enrichment worksheets for each lesson. Formal assessments include multiple choice and free response chapter tests. Other tools for assessment include section reviews, cumulative reviews, interviews, journals, performance assessments, portfolios, projects, and self-assessments.
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