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Middle Grades Mathematics Textbooks

A Benchmarks-Based Evaluation


Authors: Education Development Center Staff
Glenn Kleiman - Principal Investigator
Amy Brodesky, Dan Brutlag, Al Cuoco, E. Paul Goldenberg, Kristen Herbert, Susan Janssen, Marlene Kliman, Sue Rasala,
Faye Ruopp, Kimberly Smart, Marianne Thompson, Muffie Wiebe, Fred Gross, Bob Bates, Mark Rubel, and Yvelyne Germain-McCarthy

In addition to EDC staff, members of the Shell Centre for Mathematical Education at the University of Nottingham, England, and members of EdMath in Australia contributed to the development of the materials. This curriculum also contains materials that were developed by Creative Publications editorial staff.

Publisher: Creative Publications
Edition: 1998
Grade Level/ Format: This series is designed for grades 6, 7, and 8. There are seven modular units for each grade level. Each unit is a coherent set of 12 lessons focusing on one or more of four mathematical strands. These 12 lessons are divided into three or four "phases," each of which focuses on a particular sub-theme of the unit.
Activities: In a typical unit, students (1) are greeted with a letter and a detailed overview summarizing the skill and concept development and real-world application of the mathematics in the unit, (2) read the specific objectives for each section, or phase, of the unit, (3) work through a thematic series of activities and problems, each of which involves independent and group work, and (4) work on a series of assessment activities at the end of each section designed to evaluate the major goals of the unit and provide feedback for students.
Assessment: Assessment includes a pre-assessment activity at the beginning of each unit, activities and designated homework assignments within each lesson, and a post-assessment activity at the end of each unit. A skill quiz at the end of each phase, and a final project lesson, final assessment, or investigation at the end of each unit serve as formal assessments. Other tools for assessment include suggestions for portfolios.
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