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Background Information

TITLE Mathematics: Modeling Our World (COMAP/ARISE)
Authors: The Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications (COMAP), Inc.: Solomon Garfunkel, Landy Godbold, Henry Pollack, Allan Bellman, John Burnette, Horace Butler, Claudia Carter, Nancy Crisler, Marsha Davis, Gary Froelich, Bruce Grip, Rick Jennings, Paul Kehle, Darien Lauten, Shelia McGrail, Geraldine Oliveto, J. J. Price, Joan Reinthaler, James Swift, Brandon Thacker, Paul Thomas.
Publisher: South-Western Educational Publishing
Edition: 1998
Subject Area: Integrated Mathematics
Grade Level/Format: This integrated series is designed for grades 9-12. It consists of four courses, one for each grade level. Course 4 was still in development at the time of the analysis. Each course contains seven or eight units. Each unit is divided into four to seven lessons.
Time Frame: Each lesson typically takes several days to complete.
Main Topics:
  • Algebra/Number/Function
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Statistics and Probability
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Logic/Reasoning
Activities: Each unit begins with a video segment designed to motivate students and set the context for the unit. Each lesson contains a lesson opener that provides the context for the lesson and lists key concepts presented in the unit. Activities require students to work in pairs or small groups and use hands-on mathematical investigation. There are individual work activities that review, reinforce, extend, practice, and foreshadow concepts developed in the lesson. Unit summaries consist of Wrapping Up, a problem set in which students review the concepts and skills presented in the unit, and a mathematical summary, a written summary of the major math concepts developed and applied in the unit. At the end of each unit, there is a glossary of major terms introduced in the unit.
Assessment: Assessments include a variety of open-ended problems and unit projects found in the Teacher's Resources binder. Individual work and activities offer embedded opportunities to assess student progress. A Wrapping Up problem set at the end of each unit provides more opportunities for students to review what they have learned.
Cost: Student edition: $39.95 per course
  Annotated teacher's edition: $79.95 per course
Teacher's resource $89.95 per course
CREDIBILITY Following are references for reports on Mathematics: Modeling Our World (COMAP/ARISE). Please check the web site for further information about additional evaluations and reviews.
NCTM Standards Analysis: American Association for the Advancement of Science. (2000). Algebra textbooks: A standards-based evaluation. Washington, D.C.: Author.


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