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Background Information

TITLE Concepts in Algebra
Authors: James T. Fey, M. Kathleen Heid, Richard A. Good, Charlene Sheets, Glendon W. Blume, Rose Mary Zbiek.
Publisher: Everyday Learning Corporation
Edition: 1999
Subject Area: Algebra
Grade Level/Format: This textbook is designed as a beginning algebra course appropriate for grades 9-12. It consists of nine chapters.
Time Frame: If used as a one-year course, 15 to 24 days are needed to complete a chapter, equaling 177 days to complete the course. If used as a two-year course, three 55-minute class periods with one 55-minute lab class per week are required per year.
Main Topics:
  • Variables and Functions
  • Functions and Computing Technology
  • Linear Functions
  • Quadratic Functions
  • Exponential Functions
  • Rational Functions
  • Systems of Functions and Equations
  • Symbolic Reasoning: Equivalent Expressions
  • Symbolic Reasoning: Equations and Inequalities
Activities: The number of topics covered in a chapter ranges from one to nine. Every topic includes one to three Exploration sections, which provide various realistic mathematical situations and/or exercise problems for students. The Explorations may be followed by a Making Connections section, which prompts students to summarize their findings and formulate generalizations as well as connect their current knowledge to prior learning (through more exercise problems). Each chapter ends with a summary section that consists of main ideas, terms and procedures introduced in the chapter, and review exercises and projects.
Assessment: Assessments include one- to two-part exams for each chapter.The material provides two versions of some exams. Exams recommend or require the use of a calculator and/or a computer.
Cost: Student edition: $37.00
  Instructor's guide: $22.00
CREDIBILITY Following are references for reports on Concepts in Algebra. Please check the web site for further information about additional evaluations and reviews.
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