Table of Contents for
The Science Gap: Dispelling Myths and Understanding the Reality of Science

MYTH 1: "Nothing exists until it is observed."
Setting the Stage: Metaphysical Idealism or Metaphysical Realism? 19
Reality, Fantasy, and Myth 31
MYTH 2: "Nothing is known for sure."
Confident Knowledge 39
How Precise Can We Get? 45
The Standard Model of Matter 51
The Danger of Modesty 61
MYTH 3: "Nothing is impossible."
The Meaning of Impossible 65
Conditional Impossibilities 67
Resource Impossibilities 70
Material Impossibilities 72
Mathematical Impossibilities 74
Physical Impossibilities 76
More Physical Impossibilities 82
MYTH 4: "Whatever we think we know now is likely to be overturned in the future."
The Invariance of Reality 93
Invariant Knowledge 101
MYTH 5: "Advanced civilizations of the future will have the use of forces unknown to us at present."
Imagining the Future 109
Do We Know All the Forces? 111
MYTH 6: "Advanced civilizations on other planets possess great forces unavailable to us on earth."
The Uniformity of the Universe 119
MYTH 7: "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy."
The Infinity of Facts and the Finitude of Science 123
Heavenly Mysteries 128
Is There More to the Brain Than a Collection of Atoms? 132
MYTH 8: "Scientists don't have any imagination."
Are New Ideas Always Resisted? 137
MYTH 9: "Scientists create theories by intuition."
Truth and Beauty 145
MYTH 10: "All theories are equal."
A Democracy of Science 153
MYTH l1: "All scientists are objective."
Stereotypes 161
The Battle against Delusion 164
MYTH 12: "Scientists are always making false predictions."
False Positives 179
False Negatives 183
MYTH 13: "All problems can be solved by computer modeling."
Making Models 189
Bottom-up Models 193
Top-Down Models 199
MYTH 14: "More technology will solve all problems."
Limits to Growth 205
The Inadequacy of Technological Fixes 209
Renewable Sources of Energy 213
When the Technological Fix Makes the Problem Worse 214
MYTH 15: Myths about Reductionism
The Many Faces of Reductionism 219
Linearity vs. Holism 224
The Hidden Agenda 231
Negative Reductionism 235
MYTH 16: "Myths are just harmless fun and good for the soul."
Good Myths 239
Bad Myths 240