Table of Contents for A History of Private Life: Riddles of Identity in Modern Times

1: Public and Private Spheres in France by Antoine Prost 1
Introduction 3
Changing Workers and Workplaces 9
The Family and the Individual 51
The Transition from Neighborhood to Metropolis 103
2: A History of Secrets? by Gérard Vincent 145
The Secrets of History and the Riddle of Identity 147
Family Secrets 185
The Body and the Enigma of Sex 231
3: Cultural Diversity in France by Gérard Vincent, Perrine Simon-Nahum, Remi Leveau, Dominique Schnapper 283
Catholics: Imagination and Sin 285
Communism as a Way of Life 315
French Judaism 347
The Role of Immigrants 379
4: Nations of Families by Kristina Orfali, Chiara Saraceno, Ingeborg Weber-Kellermann, Elaine Tyler May 415
The Rise and Fall of the Swedish Model 417
The Italian Family: Paradoxes of Privacy
Translated by Raymond Rosenthal 451
The German Family between Private Life and Politics
Translated and Edited by Mary Jo Maynes and Michele Mouton 503
Myths and Realities of the American Family 539
Notes 595
Bibliography 611
Credits 617
Index 619