Table of Contents for Physics for Poets

Preface ix
Introduction 1
A Vast And Most Excellent Science 5
Toward A Science Of Mechanics 20
The Denouement: Newton's Laws 32
The Moon And The Apple 41
The Romance Of Energy 53
One Last Part For The Machine 67
Waves 79
Does The Earth Really Move? 92
The Birth Of Relativity 103
The Wedding Of Space And Time 117
E=mc2 And All That 129
Did God Have Any Choice? 138
The Atom Returns 156
Rutherford Probes The Atom 168
The Atom And The Quantum 182
Particles And Waves 200
Does God Play Dice? 213
Schrödinger's Cat 225
The Dreams Stuff is Made of 234
Afterword 252
Bibliography 253
Exercises 256
Answers to Odd-Numbered Exercises 271
Index 275