Table of Contents for
The History of Science from the Ancient Greeks to the Scientific Revolution

Acknowledgments iv
PART ONE Precursors Of Science: From Ancient Times To The Middle Ages 1
1. Legacies from Ancient Peoples 3
2. From Aristotle to the High Middle Ages (322 B.C.-A.D. 1449) 19
PART TWO The Physical Sciences 31
3. The Universe Turned Outside-In: Copernicus, Tycho and Kepler 33
4. A "Vast and Most Excellent Science": Galileo and the Beginnings of Method 51
5. Newton, the Laws of Motion and the "Newtonian Revolution" 65
PART THREE The Life Sciences 79
6. The Anatomists: From Vesalius to Fabricius 81
7. Paracelsus, Pharmaceuticals and Medicine 91
8. The Heart of the Matter: William Harvey and the Circulation of the Blood 99
9. Looking at the Very Small: The World of the 17th-Century Microscopists 111
10. Understanding the Diversity of Life 123
Epilogue 135
Chronology 137
Glossary 149
Further Reading 155
Index 159