Table of Contents for The History of Science in the Eighteenth Century

Acknowledgments vi
PROLOGUE: The Story So Far: The Copernican System And The Scientific Revolution vii
INTRODUCTION: The Eighteenth Century--A Time Of Reason And Revolution xi
PART ONE: The Physical Sciences In The Eighteenth Century 1
1. Exploring the New Solar System: The Earth's Shape and the Sun's Distance 3
2. Observing Deep Space: Stars, Galaxies and Nebulas 15
3. Rediscovery of the Earth: Rocks and Ages and the Birth of a New Geology 33
4. What Happens When Things Burn? The Death of Phlogiston and the Birth of Chemistry 47
5. Exploring the Characteristics of Heat and the Mysteries of Electricity 65
PART TWO: The Life Sciences In The Eighteenth Century 79
6. Linnaeus: The Great Name Giver 81
7. Buffon and Diversity in Nature 91
8. The Animal Machine: Physiology, Reproduction and Embryology 99
9. Precursors to Modern Evolutionary Theory: Lamarck and Cuvier 115
Epilogue 129
Appendix: The Scientific Method 131
Chronology 135
Glossary 141
Further Reading 143
Index 149