Table of Contents for Engines of Change: The American Industrial Revolution, 1790-1860

Preface 7
The lndustrial Revolution and Technological Change 9
The New United States: Land of Opportunities 27
ThePromise of Technology 44
The Transfer of Technology 59
Invention and Technological Change 74
Farming and Raw Materials Processing: Causes and Effects of Mechanization 94
Transportation and theNeed for Invention 109
The John Bull and the Rise of American Railroading 125
The Business of Production 152
Machine Shops: Machines to Make Machines 167
Textiles and the Styles of American Industrialization 185
The Rise of the Factory 205
Clocks and Guns: The "AmericanSystem" of Production 218
Communitarian Experiments and the Problems of Industrialization 236
The London Crystal Palace Exhibition and the Recognition of American Technology 249
Epilogue: The Role of Technology, Past and Present 269
Quotation Sources 280
Suggested Readings 285
Illustration Credits 299
Index 303