Table of Contents for To Engineer is Human

Preface vii
Being Human 1
Falling Down is Part of Growing Up 11
Lessons from Play; Lessons from Life 21
Appendix: "The Deacon's Masterpiece" by Oliver Wendell Holmes 35
Engineering As Hypothesis 40
Success is Foreseeing Failure 53
Design is Getting from Here to There 64
Design As Revision 75
Accidents Waiting To Happen 85
Safety in Numbers 98
When Cracks Become Breakthroughs 107
Of Bus Frames And Knife Blades 122
Interlude: The Success Story of the Crystal Palace 136
The Ups and Downs of Bridges 158
Forensic Engineering And Engineering Fiction 172
From Slide Rule To Computer: Forgetting How It Used To Be Done 189
Connoisseurs of Chaos 204
The Limits of Design 216
Afterword 229
Bibliography 233
Index 245
List of Illustrations:
An eight-page section of illustrations follows page 106.
I. Cartoons illustrating public concern over engineering failures
II. Models of the ubiquitous cantilever beam
III. The Brooklyn Bridge: anticipating failure by the engineer and by the layman
IV. The Crystal Palace: testing the galleries and finding them sound
V. The Crystal Palace and two of its modern imitators
VI. Suspension bridges: the Tacoma Narrows and after
VII. The Kansas City Hyatt Regency walkways collapse
VIII. The Mianus River Bridge collapse and its aftermath