Table of Contents for
Economics Explained: Everything You Need to Know about How the Economy Works and Where It's Going

I. The Economic Background
One: Capitalism: Where Do We Come From? 11
Two: Three Great Economists 26
Three: A Bird's-Eye View of the Economy 44
Four: The Trend of Things 56
II. Macroeconomics--The Analysis of Prosperity and Recession
Five: The GNP 77
Six: Saving and Investing 86
Seven: Passive Consumption, Active Investment 96
Eight: The Economics of the Public Sector 107
Nine: The Debate About Government 120
Ten: What Money Is 130
Eleven: How Money Works 139
Twelve: Inflation 147
Thirteen: Falling Behind: The Productivity Problem 161
III. Microeconomics--The Anatomy of the Market System
Fourteen: How Markets Work 173
Fifteen: Where Markets Fail 184
Sixteen: A Look at Big Business 195
Seventeen: Rich and Poor 207
IV. The Rest of the World
Eighteen: Pricing the Dollar 223
Nineteen: The Multinational Corporation 239
Twenty: Where Are We Headed? 249
Appendix: How the Banking System Works 261
Index 271