Table of Contents for Diatoms to Dinosaurs

granted with permission from Diatoms to Dinosaurs: The Size and Scale of Living Things, McGowan, Chris, Island Press, 1994. Published by Island Press, Washington, D.C. and Covelo, California

Acknowledgements xi
The Scale of Life 3
Keep the Home Fires Burning 16
Pumping Iron 34
From Cradle to Grave 53
Giants--Modern and Ancient 71
Brains: From the Massive to the Minute 100
Drag in the Material World 123
High Fliers 146
Tiffany Wings and Kite Strings 180
Drifting with the Tide: Life in the Plankton 197
Life in the Fast Lane 217
Epilogue 244
Glossary 249
Sources of Figures 255
Further Reading 259
Index 273