Table of Contents for
The Control Revolution: Technical and Economic Origins of the Information Society

1. Introduction 1
I. Living Systems, Technology, and the Evolution of Control
2. Programming and Control: The Essential Life Process 31
3. Evolution of Control: Culture and Society 61
II Industrialization, Processing Speed, and the Crisis of Control
4. From Tradition to Rationality: Distributing Control 121
5. Toward Industrialization: Controlling Energy and Speed 169
6. Industrial Revolution and the Crisis of Control 219
III.Toward an Information Society: From Control Crisis to Control Revolution
7. Revolution in Control of Mass Production and Distribution 291
8. Revolution in Control of Mass Consumption 344
9. Revolution in Generalized Control: Data Processing and Bureaucracy 390
10. Conclusions: Control as Engine of the Information Society 426
References 439
Index 477