The Brain

The Brain
by Richard M. Restak

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[This book] is rich in imagination and filled with lore about the brain as well as details about the history of brain research and up-to-date scientific insights into the brain's function. Because of its modest size, it does not try to be exhaustive, but it does offer an intriguing and thoroughly understandable overview. The book is copiously illustrated. It uses color views of some of the spectacular models developed for television to show how the brain would look in action if one could see it, immensely magnified, from the inside. More useful for the book's purposes are the many well-labeled black-and-white drawings of the brain's parts. Anyone who has seen the television series will find The Brain a welcome companion, reinforcing the series and adding much of its own.

--Reviewed by Harold M. Schmeck in The New York Times Book Review, (November 25 1984) p. 27.