Our Natural Resources and Their Conservation

Our Natural Resources and Their Conservation, 7th ed.
by Harry Kircher, Donald Wallace, and Dorothy Gore

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This book covers all natural resources--soils, inanimate energy sources, vegetation, and animals--as well as their interactions. Conservation is stressed and wise use is taught. Statements and data are more than adequately referenced with footnotes, so the text is excellent for documenting basic ecological facts, concepts, and even various positions taken by involved agencies. The book has been so well designed, that finding fault would be mere nit-picking. Nevertheless, the section on recommended general sources is woefully brief. Likewise, the index does not do justice to the rich fare of information provided. Readers (and I hope there are many!) would do themselves a favor to enhance the index as they read along, because the book will be referred to time and time again. It is a vast storehouse of information, covering classic ecological incidents as well as current environmental disputes. Anyone from high school level and beyond who cares about or has to deal with environmental matters would profit from reading and consulting this book. I strongly recommend it.

--Reviewed by Donald A. Windsor in Science Books and Films, 27/7 (October 1991), p. 203-4.