New Biology: Discovering the Wisdom in Nature

The New Biology: Discovering the Wisdom in Nature
by Robert Augros and George Stanciu

(Illus. by Michael Augros)
YA-T, GA **


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This book's comparison of the thinking human with the machine and then with the animal and plant from a philosophical and spiritual point of view could stimulate the reader to respond to the wonders of science. The interrelationships drawn are convincing, although these different perspectives on biological information tend to hinge on anthropomorphism. Still, old and new biological topics are treated with a fresh approach. The quotes in the book show a scholarly amount of research, with references. The Darwinian approach unifies the theme. The quality and presentation are fascinating, and the illustrations are excellent. Notes and an index enhance the book.

--Reviewed by Margery Milne in Science Books and Films, 23/3 (January/February 1988), p. 164.