Man on Earth

Man on Earth
by John Reader

(Illus.; from the Corrie Herring Hooks series)
University of Texas Press
YA-T, GA **


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Man on Earth explores the cultural, economic, and ecological adaptations of humans to their habitat at several locations around the world. Each of the 12 chapters is devoted to a selected group of people within a specific locale, ranging from the island of Yap in the Pacific to the city of Cleveland, and the effect is to illustrate the functional struggle of humankind in developing a self-sustaining society. Several diverse strategies employed by different social systems for maintaining such culturally important symbols as territory, population, land ownership, food production, and reproduction are discussed in enlightening detail. A collection of memorable photographs taken by the author at various locations around the world also illuminates the salient similarities and differences of members in the family of humans. A bibliography of other relevant books and articles is provided for reference. This beautifully written, entertaining, and educational book leads the reader on an exciting adventure through the diverse cultural history of humankind. It should prove a valuable resource to high school and college students as well as other readers interested in the human race and the development of human culture.

--Reviewed by Lyle E. Craker in Science Books and Films, 24/3 (January/February 1989), p. 148.