Lady Luck

Lady Luck
by Warren Weaver

Doubleday, Dover


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Although no review could be located, this classic on probability was recommended by Lynn Arthur Steen in: Mathematics Books: Recommendations for High School and Public Libraries (The mathematical Association of America, 1992). The following excerpt is taken from the cover of Lady Luck:

This book is the best nontechnical introduction to probability ever written. Its author, the late Dr. Warren Weaver, was a professor of mathematics, active in the Rockefeller and Sloan foundations, an authority on communications and probability, and distinguished for his work at bridging the gap between science and the average citizen. In accessible language and drawing upon the widely diverse writings of thinkers like Kurt Godel, Susanne K. Langer and Nicholas Bernoulli, Dr. Weaver explains such concepts as permutations, independent events, mathematical expectation, the law of averages, Chebychev's theorem, the law of large numbers, and probability distributions. He uses a probabilistic viewpoint to illuminate such matters as rare events and coincidences, and also devotes space to the relations of probability and statistics, gambling, and modern scientific research.