Fabric of the Heavens: The Development of Astronomy and Dynamics

The Fabric of the Heavens
by Stephen Toulmin and June Goodfield

HarperCollins Publishers


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The first volume in a projected four-volume series, The Ancestry of Science, this is an...introduction to the development of astronomy and dynamics, emphasizing the contribution of these sciences to early cosmological thinking. Concentrating on the background of early science, the authors range from the beginnings of celestial forecasting in Sumeria to the influences of Newton's thought on a burgeoning science.

--Kirkus, 29 (December 1 1961), p.1079. (From Book Review Digest 1962).

The evolution of scientific ideas which emerges from this book is indeed fascinating. For inquiring minds only, but for all large libraries.

--Reviewed by Norbert Bernstein in Library Journal, 87 (March 1 1962),p.984. (From Book Review Digest 1962).