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Children’s Conceptual Understanding of Forces and Equilibrium
C. Terry and others

Children’s Dynamics
Roger Osborne

Concepts in Force and Motion
Nanjundiah Sadanand and Joseph Kess

A Constructivist Approach to Astronomy in the National Curriculum
John Baxter

The Everyday Perspective and Exceedingly Unobvious Meaning
Charles R. Ault, Jr

Force Concept Inventory
David Hestenes and others

Getting the Facts Straight
Jim Minstrell

Gravity--Don’t Take it for Granted
Michael D. Watts

Let Us Go Back to Nature Study
Dorothy L. Gabel

Misconceptions and the Qualitative Method
Dori Ridgeway

The Museum as Science Teacher
Charles R. Ault, Jr.

Secondary Students’ Conceptions of the Conduction of Heat: Bringing Together Scientific and Personal Views
Elizabeth Engel Clough and Rosalind Driver

Students’ Conceptions of Ideas in Mechanics
John K. Gilbert and others

Students’ Concepts of Force: The Importance of Understanding Newton’s Third Law
David E. Brown

Students’ Use of the Principle of Energy Conservation in Problem Situations
Rosalind Driver and Lynda Warrington

A Survey of Some Children’s Ideas about Force
D. M. Watts and A Zylbersztajn

Teacher Predictions versus Actual Student Gains
Alan Lightman and Philip Sadler

Teaching for Conceptual Change: Confronting Children’s Experience
Bruce Watson and Richard Konicek

Understanding the Particulate Nature of Matter
Dorothy L. Gabel and others

When Students Don’t Know They Don’t Know
Janet F. Eaton and others