Robert J. Jensen

Research Ideas for the Classroom: Early Childhood Mathematics

ISBN 0-02-895791-1; 0-02-895794 (paper)

Grade focus: K-2, 3-2

Research Ideas for the Classroom. Early Childhood Mathematics presents a comprehensive synthesis and interpretation of research findings in mathematics education for elementary grades. It is the result of collaboration among teachers and university professors with experience in mathematics education at the elementary school level.

A large part of the book is devoted to syntheses of research findings on students' understanding of specific topics in mathematics and discussions of the findings' implications for the classroom. Suggested classroom activities are limited to prototypes or activities that teachers are encouraged to use as the basis of some classroom research. The book includes findings on topics such as: place value; counting; using numbers; mental computation; computational estimation; operations with whole numbers; measurement; shapes; area and volume; decimal fraction concepts. Other chapters explore the use of calculators and computers in the teaching of mathematics in the elementary school, alternative models of instruction, and the role of the teacher as reflective practitioner.

Chapters include a wealth of references. Some preference is given to research-based articles in teacher journals, such as Arithmetic Teacher. References that are especially rich in ideas for teaching are identified with an asterisk.