Virginia A. Atwood

Elementary School Social Studies: Research as a Guide to Practice

ISBN 0-87986-054-5

Grade focus: K-2, 3-5

This book examines the research base on when and how elementary school students develop concepts, skills, and attitudes associated with social sciences.

Four chapters summarize and discuss research findings that relate directly to student understanding of topics addressed in Science for All Americans (SFAA). Chapter 2: Citizenship and Law-Related Education, Chapter 3: International and Multicultural Education, and Chapter 6: Learning about the Economic World address students understanding of topics such as law and authority, social conventions, people from other countries, scarcity, and use of money. These topics relate to SFAA Chapter 7: Human Society. The book's Chapter 5: Teaching History: A Definitional and Developmental Dilemma can inform teaching and learning about the history of science and relates to SFAA Chapter 10: Historical Perspectives.