Rosalind Driver, Ann Squires, Peter Rushworth, Valerie Wood-Robinson

Making Sense of Secondary Science: Research into children's ideas

ISBN 0-415-09767-3; 0-415-09765-7 (paper)

Grade focus: 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Making Sense Of Secondary Science provides a comprehensive and concise review of student ideas in science in most topics that are included in Science for All Americans Chapter 4: The Physical Setting, Chapter 5: The Living Environment, and Chapter 6: The Human Organism.

The research findings are arranged in three sections: Life and Living Processes, Materials and Their Properties, and Physical Processes. Each section includes student ideas on topics such as living things, nutrition, growth, and ecosystems. For each topic, there is an extensive list of references so readers can refer in more detail to the studies themselves.

Although the title suggests that the primary audience is secondary school teachers, the book will be of interest and value to science teachers at all grade levels who want to deepen their understanding of how their students think.