Summary, Option A:
Why Use SFAA/Benchmarks and National Science Education Standards?

Estimated Time: 10 minutes.

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Sample Presentation

Display TRANSPARENCY: Why Use Nationally Developed Learning Goals? showing only the question at the top.

Presenter: You’ve had a chance to work with SFAA and Benchmarks and to examine how they compare to national standards. Some of you may be thinking, "But isn’t education the mandate of individual states? Most states are in the process of developing state frameworks that recommend what students should know and be able to do. So why should a state or district group make use of SFAA, Benchmarks, and the Standards to guide reform?"  

Take some responses from the group.

Uncover the rest of the transparency.

Presenter: Here are a few reasons we think are worth considering:

In fact, several states—for example, California, Michigan, Maryland, Georgia, Rhode Island, Colorado—have made extensive use of Science for All Americans, Benchmarks, and national standards in developing their state frameworks.