Summary, Option B:
The Role of Teachers in Curriculum Reform

Estimated Time: 15 minutes.

Example of Use: Sample 1.5-Day Workshop Agenda.

List of Materials

Sample Presentation
TRANSPARENCY: Pathways to K-12 Curriculum Reform.

Presenter: As we see here, the path to curriculum reform involves many issues and the availability of a variety of resources. Clearly, the responsibility of matching a school’s or a district’s curriculum to a coherent set of K-12 learning goals cannot rest with a single classroom teacher, even though classroom teachers will play significant roles in the development of curriculum resources. But are there ways that individual classroom teachers can influence current instruction as they await more comprehensive changes in curriculum materials available to them?  

TRANSPARENCY: Using the Resource Analysis Procedure.

Presenter: Working in your small groups, please discuss the following questions and prepare responses to share with the large group:

Give groups 10 minutes to discuss.

Allow time to hear responses from each group. (5 minutes)