Summary, Option C:
Participants Reflect on Progress

Estimated Time: 20 minutes.

Example of Use: Sample 6-Hour Workshop Agenda.

List of Materials

Sample Presentation
Presenter: We began this workshop exploring together the idea that students may not be learning as much or as well as we think they are. We have spent considerable time studying a particular benchmark and [analyzing instruction—designing lessons—analyzing curriculum materials] in order to help students make progress in achieving that learning goal. Now it is time to return to the learning goals for this workshop to find out where each of us stands relative to the workshop goal statements. 

TRANSPARENCY: Points to Be Made—[the transparency used earlier in the workshop].

Presenter: Working in your small groups, first select one goal statement that you think is true and then prepare a statement of how workshop activities have contributed to your thinking. In 10 minutes you will share your thinking in the large group. 

Allow 10 minutes for discussion.

Record some responses from each group. (10 minutes)