Introduction, Option B:
Questions to Ask About Goals

Estimated Time: 5 minutes.

Example of Use: Sample 2.5-Day Workshop Agenda

List of Materials

Sample Presentation

Begin your workshop by introducing yourself or having someone introduce you. Become acquainted with the participants. If the group is small, you may wish to have individuals introduce themselves. In a large group, you may wish to have people respond to such general questions as, "How many teach grades K-2 (3-5, etc.)?" or to make such general comments as, "I was happy to meet some of you at the convention and to be invited to tell you more about SFAA and Benchmarks." Set a more specific context for the workshop if it is appropriate to do so.

TRANSPARENCY:  Questions to Ask.

Presenter: You are involved in the exciting and challenging task of rethinking science, mathematics, and technology education. Although you are initially concerned with a single course, I would like to challenge you to think beyond that course to the K-12 program as a whole. Here are some questions that you might ask. 

Review the list of questions on the transparency.