Evaluation, Option B:
Using the Pathways to Reform Questionnaire

Estimated Time: 30 minutes.

Example of Use: Sample 1.5-Day Workshop Agenda.

List of Materials

Sample Presentation
TRANSPARENCY: Pathways to K-12 Curriculum Reform.

HANDOUT: Pathways to Reform Questionnaire.

Presenter: It is important that everyone with a stake in the education of students be aware of how the curriculum used in their school or district is constructed. It is also important to know how a course at one level connects with courses at other levels. With the activities you completed during this workshop in mind, we would like each group to review the pathways to reform flowchart presented earlier in the workshop and complete (as a group) the questionnaire about paths your school or district is taking and the contribution Project 2061 could make. In the questionnaire, you are asked to "trace the path your school or district is taking, indicating where you think your group started with A, where you think it is now with B, and where you think it is going next with C ." Take 10 minutes now to reflect on and answer questions 1 through 4.  

Ask participants to share some of their responses.

Presenter: Now, return to the diagram on the questionnaire and consider another question: Should the path your school or district is on be different? If you think it should be changed in any way, use a dotted line as the diagram to show the pathway you think your school (or district) should be following. Take 10 minutes to reflect on this and to finish completing the questionnaire. Please note the extra copy of Pathways to K-12 Curriculum Reform that you can take with you.  

Allow 10 minutes or less for completing the rest of the questionnaire. Invite participants to share responses.

Presenter: Thank you for attending this workshop and for the energy you gave to each activity. Please place your responses on [designate a location] as you leave. Your feedback is important to the ongoing work of the Project.