Evaluation, Option A:
Using the Project 2061 Workshop Evaluation Form

Estimated Time: 15 minutes.

Example of Use: Sample 6-Hour Workshop Agenda.

List of Materials

Sample Presentation
HANDOUT: Project 2061 Workshop Evaluation Form.

Presenter: I would appreciate your taking time to complete the Project 2061 Workshop Evaluation Form. The purpose of this evaluation is to learn your ideas about the usefulness of SFAA/Benchmarks to your work. Project 2061 tools can only be as good as the feedback the Project receives from thoughtful people like yourselves. Your responses will inform revisions of existing tools and the design of new tools.

Notice that page 2 of the evaluation form lists on the left possible uses of SFAA/Benchmarks and across the top possible positions you might take on use of the materials. For each potential use, please check the position that best represents your intention. We encourage you to comment when necessary for clarity.

When you complete the forms, please leave them at [designate a place]. Thank you for your active involvement in the workshop and for your ongoing commitment to education reform.